[Snort-users] RSA Conference 2003

mcmurry jim jimmcmurry at ...131...
Thu Apr 17 08:17:09 EDT 2003

I went on Monday and to last nights SourceFire shindig
at the "W" hotel (I wound up paying $12 per hour for
parking at the hotel...oh well live and learn)

Michael, you are correct, there was none, other than
silicondefense showing a snort based product.  I dont
count Sun in this as 4 of the 5 sales guys I spoke
with had no idea what a snort rule was let alone

The show however overall was very good.  I even
enjoyed talking with the guys from Recourse (Symantec)
who had one of the developers of Mantrap giving a demo
of the system, Microsoft had a good speaker later in
the day in their booth talking about group policy
issues (very informative)

There were a lot of "fob" companies there, each trying
to out do the other in pricing it seemed for the same
product :)

Overall, I would go again (this was a first RSA Conf
for me).  There were more people than I expected at
the Expo (attendees)

I am going to Networld/Interop on the 29th, so I am
hoping to get a better understanding of what I need to
do for my organization.

jim mcmurry

--- Michael Steele <michaels at ...155...>
> All,
> Did anyone go? What did you think?
> We had a booth there, which I was able to attend for
> 1 day. It was amazing,
> all the big boys were there displaying all their new
> hardware. Not
> surprising, but a lot of companies had a lot of the
> same type of products
> (multiple products in the same box).
> It was surprising to only see two companies with
> Snort products. We (Silicon
> Defense) had one of our Snort based products out on
> display (CounterSleuth),
> and Sun had an LX50 which displayed the Sourcefire
> name and had Snort, and
> the Sourcefire console on it.
>  -Michael
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