[Snort-users] Securing a Snort machine

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Best way is to :
1. use IPless interfaces (specially one on Internet ) except the one that
will use it to connect to the box ( which is best to be located internally).
2. Use ssh to connect to the box via the internal interface on the LAN.
3. Close all ports (via shutting down ports and stopping scripts that are
not need to be run on the box) except for ssh.
4. Scan the box to find out if you do have any ports open other than ssh.

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Hi Everybody
I have installed Snort and now want to make the machine secure. Snort will
be listening on border attacks (outside the network), on the dmz, and inside
the lan.
What is the best way of doing it on RedHat 8.0 and 9.0?
Thanks a lot.

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