[Snort-users] SNMP plugin removed from Snort + stream4 patch for 1.9.1

Martin Olsson elof at ...6680...
Thu Apr 17 03:58:34 EDT 2003

On 15 Apr 2003, Jose Vicente Nunez Z wrote:
> Does anyone know if this plugin will be included again?. We started
> using this plugin with Snort 1.8 (and we keep using it) with Snort 1.9
> (for us is very useful because we integrated Snort with an NMS that
> receives SNMP traps).

We use the snmp-output-plugin with a NMS too, so we hope the snmp-support
will be added again soon.

If this support is NOT to be added soon, it would be greatly appreciated
if the developers told us so ASAP.

Meanwhile it would be very nice if the developers could create a
1.9.1-patch for the buffer overflow in the stream4-plugin, so we who use
snort with snmp can continue to use it without having to upgrade to v2.0.


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