[Snort-users] Still Help Needed: i want to make a firewall

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Cheaper to buy a firewall appliance built for this purpose then try to
figure out how to build and maintain one and if this is the issue then you
can consider the firewall itself a possible security risk and the
possibility of an incorrect configuration is too great.

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i HAVE To work in windows platform preferrably win2k
and ...

i want to make a firewall for a network. say i have
two interfaces (NICs) on a PC one connected to my
private network and other to the internet. can i use
libpcap/wpcap to capture all the packets and then
filter all the packets according to some user defined
rules and then drop the packets violating any rule
while leting others go. currently i know that
libpcap/wpcap can only be used to sniff packets but
cannot block packets going into the IP stack of an OS.
i want that i be able to block all the packets and let
go (into the protocol stack) only the packets which
donot violate any rules hence making a packet
filtering firewall.

can anyone tell me how to achieve this with pcap or
with anything else.

can i get the source code for hogwash for windows...?

need an urgent reply please.

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