[Snort-users] Acid slowness

Comcast vulcan20mm1 at ...5068...
Wed Apr 16 10:45:02 EDT 2003

I am running snort 1.9 with RH 8.0 on an amd 15000 processor with 512 ram.
I have configured mysql 3.23.52, php, and acid with snort.  It works great.
I apreciate all those who have contributed to the design and documentation.

I was wondering why after the server boots up it only takes 4 secs to load
the acid page and after the server has been running a while it takes 112
secs or more.  I have used the web interface to clean up the mysql tables
but this did not seem to help.

The database has about 6500 alerts in three months which is not alot to me.
I was just hoping someone had an explination or away to tweak it.

If I use webmin or anyother web page it comes up quick.  So is it the way it
queries the DB that is causeing the problem.  I thought that might be it by
why after the system reboots is it so quick?

Thanks in advance for help on this issue.


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