[Snort-users] Need to MAKE/DEVELOP my own firewall

Junaid jonny8086 at ...131...
Tue Apr 15 23:42:03 EDT 2003

sorry for sending in duplicates, i was totally
unintentional. i think have to explain my problem: i'm
a developer not an admin. so i need source code for
some libraries to help me DEVELOP my own firewall. i'm
like to use wpcap to make a firewall (a packet
filtering firewall) for a network but i know it is
only packet capturing library and i have to write a
piece of software to add the ability of dropping and
accepting packets to my software becomes a firewall.
we are using trying to make some thing like hogwash in

i have downloaded the hogwash code... i'm trying to
understand it but can somebody  

tell me when hogwash picks up a packet from the
adapter and snort  tell it to stop 

the packet how in the world hogwash drops it i.e.
stops it from going into the 

protocol stack as hogwash only gets a copy of the
actual packet from the adapter.

this is my third cry for help on the group, somebody
please help me. thanks


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