[Snort-users] Still Help Needed: i want to make a firewall

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Tue Apr 15 22:09:03 EDT 2003

Nonsense. Windows 2000 and above done right is every bit as secure as any
*NIX, more so in some cases. The number 1 problem with Windows are the lame
admins. If the admin is crap the box will be crap, it doesn't matter what OS
it's running. Why do people rarely take this into consideration?

And yes, I also run Snort on Windows 2000 and have done for the past two
years. Shudder.

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Maybe so, but you had better know what you're doing with pf or ipfw, or 
you'll be worse off.  The *last* thing I would recommend for a Windows-only 
admin person it to use the BSDs.  Let them cut their teeth on RedHat and 
iptables, and then once they have some grasp of Unix firewalls, you can 
move them gradually to the BSDs.

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> The best way to make a firewall with a win2k machine is to fdisk, 
> format, and install a *BSD or *nix on it ;-P Preferably OpenBSD. 
> Windows is far too insecure to be dependent upon for fire wall.

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