[Snort-users] Applied Watch is now FREE for Non-Commercial Use after overwhelming Demand!

Eric Hines eric.hines at ...8860...
Mon Apr 14 22:58:06 EDT 2003

*Announcement* Applied Watch is now Free for non-commercial use!


A lot of you have sent in numerous concerns regarding access to our
software and what was asked and not being asked on our form. A lot of
inconstant information was being posted to this list regarding our
method of communication. We regret any confusion caused from this
hearsay or misinterpretation of the thankyou.php form. In response to an
overwhelming demand for a look at our technology, we have cut a license
key that is immediately available when visiting our web site. Simply go
to the download page and register. Although accurate information is
requested, you can obviously register as an anonymous user. This license
key is restricted to a 60 day trial. The form has also been trimmed down
to eliminate sensitive information we were previously asking for.

We realize that a lot of you out there (home users), would like to use
this software without cost. We have made the decision to offer a (1)
agent license, which you can use for free for an unrestricted time. This
is the free version of our product. After long deliberation about this
idea, we feel it would be an awesome contribution to the Snort and
Open-Source community. Realize that this license is purely for
non-commercial use and can also be used by non-profit organizations. 

All of our software can now be downloaded for free from
http://www.appliedwatch.com . You will immediately be taken to your
license key and the download file section. To register as a non-profit
organization or home user for an unrestricted, unlimited, license,
contact sales at ...8860... and a key will be cut for you. 


Eric Hines
CEO, Chairman
Applied Watch Technologies


Eric Hines
CEO, Chairman
Applied Watch Technologies
[e] eric.hines at ...8860...
[w] http://www.appliedwatch.com
1650 Carlemont Dr.
Suite D
Crystal Lake, IL 60014


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