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If you are only managing one sensor then configuring snortcenter is (IMHO)
an overkill.


You must run Perl, and it's not real complicated to setup. 


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I am just curious if other people out there are running everything on
windows.  I just got my sensor and database to work together and log stuff
and all is well with the world.  I am now trying to install snortcenter v
1.0 to manage my sensor(s) but when I look at the documentation (off their
website) it is asking me to run a perl script.  I don't have a perl
interpreter, and would rather not use perl if I can help it.  


Is there a way to set up the agent for 1.0 on a windows machine without
using perl?  Documentation, etc?  I would greatly appreciate some guidance
in this as I am a snort/snortcenter n00b. :-)


Thank you,


Jacob Snow

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