[Snort-users] Snort Windows - not working with ISDN Adapter

L. Christopher Luther CLuther at ...6333...
Mon Apr 14 11:12:08 EDT 2003

Starting with WinPCap 3.0 beta (Feb. 10 '03), support for NdisWAN has been
disabled. [0]  This kinda kills all Snorting on dial-up connections.  

- Christopher 

[0] http://winpcap.polito.it/misc/changelog.htm  

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Hi there,

i have installed snort on WinXP and Win2K with Winpcap 3.0. It works fine on
the local ethernet but doesn't track any traffic on my Fritz ISDN card.
After dialing I look for the IP adress with Ipconfig and enter it as
like that:
var HOME_NET 217.x.xx.xxx/
var HOME_NET any - which should log the whole traffic.

Has anybody an idea how to get that to work?

I had some trouble to post this message. The message didn't appear in the
mailing list - hope it doesn't appear three times after a while...


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