[Snort-users] Snort Windows - not working with ISDN Adapter

snort at ...8664... snort at ...8664...
Mon Apr 14 08:56:02 EDT 2003


Have you done a

snort –W

to see if your ISDN adapter shows up as a device that can be used by
snort? I don't think that snort can listen on anything that does not list
itself when you type the above command.


> Hi there,
> i have installed snort on WinXP and Win2K with Winpcap 3.0. It works fine
> on
> the local ethernet but doesn't track any traffic on my Fritz ISDN card.
> After dialing I look for the IP adress with Ipconfig and enter it as
> like that:
> var HOME_NET 217.x.xx.xxx/
> or
> var HOME_NET any - which should log the whole traffic.
> Has anybody an idea how to get that to work?
> I had some trouble to post this message. The message didn't appear in the
> mailing list - hope it doesn't appear three times after a while...
> Mirko

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