[Snort-users] MY SQL, SNORT.

Jacques jbrierre at ...163...
Mon Apr 14 07:05:02 EDT 2003

Also, was snort compiled with with the '--mysql=DIR' directive?


On Monday, April 14, 2003, at 08:26  AM, David Markle wrote:

> Which doc did you use for your specific install?  Patrick S. Harper
> [lists at ...4250...] put out a real nice doc for installing
> these components on RH,
> (http://www.internetsecurityguru.com/documents/snort_acid_rh8.pdf).
> Specifically what are the errors you are having?  Did you put the 
> correct
> entry for the databases output plug in your snort.conf?  Patrick's 
> paper
> detail a nice method to test your install, so try it first.
> First, verify that all of the applicable services are running, (apache,
> mysql, snort). Then you should be able to match up the user, database, 
> and
> password from the snort.conf line and manually run a test from the 
> command
> line.  For example:
> From my snort.conf:  (notice "yourpwd" will be your password without 
> the
> ""'s)
> output database: alert, mysql, user=root password="yourpwd" 
> dbname=snort
> host=localhost
> From the command line:
> #mysql -u root -p"yourpwd" <enter>   (no space after the -p)
> This will give you a mysql prompt:
> mysql> use snort          (here I am selecting the snort DB)
> mysql> show tables;     (this will spit out the table structure for the
> snort DB)
> Unfortunately, I need more information to help you out further.  You 
> may
> have problems originating from the install.  Its hard to tell.  Please 
> let
> me know if you need more help.
> dm
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> I install SNORT 1.9.1 ,in RH 8 preinstalled is MYSQL, APACHE, and PHP 
> at
> last I install ACID and with other components the problem is mysql 
> could
> not log any events  and i setup the machine very intensively with 
> proper
> documents so please give me quick idea about to solve the problem.
> thanks.
> Rehan Anwer.

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