[Snort-users] Snort-inline and MySQL

pieter claassen pieter at ...7571...
Mon Apr 14 06:04:08 EDT 2003

I have just two questions and a comment about Snort-inline.
1. I have so far not figured out why snort-inline compiles fine
--with-mysql but when I run it, it comes back and tells me that mysql
support is not compiled in. Any comments on this?
2. If I try to compile the snort-inline patched sources without
--enable-inline, then I get a failure. Obviously if the patched code
cannot compile without --enable-inline, then why even give the user the
option for a required option? Is there any documentation on the inline
patches or a suggestion for how to figure out the difference between the
main and the patched code. Looking directly at the diff doesn't tell me
much (might just be me though)

A comment about mysql .deb's on debian (this is a debian issue and only
relevant to those running debian.)

In the old days, there were mysql client, server and devel packages
under Redhat and they were simple to rpm in.

The debian packages seem to be unclear to me as mysql-devel seems to
have been replaced with something else (maybe more than one package) and
those packages are broken when you try to build snort (normal) against
the supplied headers. Does anybody know anything about this or
experienced the same problems? The mysql.com binary releases work fine.


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