[Snort-users] Applied Watch for the Snort IDS is Now Availabl e for Free Download

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Sat Apr 12 19:23:01 EDT 2003

Actually, you can't download it from the url below. You need to fill out a
form and then a "sales" person will contact you with download information.
Also, the information requested to be submitted to this company is somewhat
excessive, such as your phone number, organization name and address, and the
IP for your applied watch server (what am I missing here?). Sounds like more
unsolicited snail mail coming our way. 
There are no check boxes to refuse email or snail mail solicitations, and
there is no privacy policy anywhwere on the site. Their legal notice takes
you to their home page (hopefully just a minor web problem). Hopefully the
legal notice contains their privacy policy.....
All of this information is MANDATORY or the form won't submit. And you also
must put something into the "What is your company's biggest problem with
using Snort" box or it won't submit.

I would love to test this product, it looks like it may add some value. I
however will not release this amount of information (internal network ip's,
addresses, phone numbers) nor do I have the time to spend on telephone calls
with sales people just to be able to download a trial, that's my purchasing
departments job. I also want to be able to choose whether or not I receive
emails or snail mails from this company. I should be able to "opt-out" from

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Subject: [Snort-users] Applied Watch for the Snort IDS is Now Available
for Free Download

The Applied Watch Command Center for the Snort IDS is Now Available for
Free download!

The Applied Watch Command Center; the world's first truly OS-native,
cross-platform, management and monitoring system for the Snort IDS is
now immediately available for free download. The Applied Watch console
supports MAC OS, Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris, and any Operating System
that runs the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). 

Applied Watch ships with Agents, which installs and configures Snort for
its use, a central Server where all events are sent over an SSL
encrypted tunnel, and consoles, which allows users to connect to the
server and get real-time events and alerts, manage users at the server,
and manage the rule sets of all your remote Snort sensors. 

This is an unprecedented release that is readily available for immediate

Break FREE of the browser prison for monitoring your IDS'!

Version 1.0 features include:

- Remote snort management from the GUI console
- Remote ruleset management of all your snort sensors
- Alerts are prioritized into High, Medium, Low alert windows
- Identify false positives immediately by clicking on an event to get
the packet dump
- Manage users for the server centrally from any GUI console
- A process monitor restarts the Agent if it dies
- Much, Much More!

You can download the Applied Watch Command Center from

Download it free today!

Eric Hines


Eric Hines
CEO, Chairman
Applied Watch Technologies
[e] eric.hines at ...8860...
[w] http://www.appliedwatch.com
1650 Carlemont Dr.
Suite D
Crystal Lake, IL 60014


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