[Snort-users] DROP connections?

Derya Sezen funky at ...8796...
Sat Apr 12 14:01:03 EDT 2003

On Sat, 2003-04-12 at 11:03, /dev/null wrote:
> I have snort running and love it.  It's running on a firewall/gateway
> box.  I've read the FAQ and searched the web but can't seem to see an
> already-invented way of doing this, but I think surely someone else has
> it working already.

did you tried "hogwash" ?

> Right now when snort detectes something (like nimda for example), I'd
> like to do two things, (1) add the offending IP to my iptables DROP list
> and (2) add the offending IP to a config file that is used to build the
> iptables rules at bootup.  I have the script already, I just need a way
> to have it triggered as soon as snort posts the alert.

There is a program called "HolePatcher" which has a XML protocol and you
can send XML commands remotely to a firewall which is under
developpement, in lately summer you can find that in

> Thanks!
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