[Snort-users] What have I screwed up on this SQL call?

Jason Haar Jason.Haar at ...294...
Fri Apr 11 13:47:12 EDT 2003

Hutchinson, Andrew wrote:

>I'm not certain exactly what your question is, but here are a couple
>in your INSERT statements below, you're trying to insert a value into an
>auto-increment field.
Sorry - those INSERTS were just dumped out - I actual did let the 
auto-increment create the numbers (it's just the first record).

The INSERTS are working fine - the problem is that I can't figure out 
how ACID reads the tables to grab the actual signature details.

I have the signature string in the signature table, and the 
classification in the sig_class table - but ACID keeps showing the 
signature string (e.g. "WEB IIS cmd.exe") as being "1" instead of the 

ACID must be looking for something else that I'm not seeing (and that's 
after running MySQL with logging and going through the SELECT calls 
one-after-another. I still can't find the cause!)



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