[Snort-users] [Snort-users]SNORT, +MySQL, +Acid, Apache on winXp

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yes here is the *.conf lines i have.
output database: alert, mysql, user=snort password=xxx dbname=snort host= port=3306 sensor_name=<HOSTNAME OF SENSOR>
output database: log, mysql, user=snort password=xxx dbname=snort host= port=3306 sensor_name=<HOSTNAME OF SENSOR>
and the error log shows nothing.
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A couple quick things....
Did you change your snort.conf in the output area to point to the correct database and the user id and password?
Does your MYSQL error log show any problems or issues connecting?
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I have evrthing installed and SNORT, MySQL, and Apache all are working fine. 
But when i use Acid there is no Data being logged to the webpage. 
I run snort from the command line c:>snort -v ix and i see output. I also check the log file and i do have an *.ids file.
any ideas why I am not seeing any data being posted to the website. 
this was all set up by using silicaon defense instal manual for snort,mysql,acid,apache. 
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