[Snort-users] What have I screwed up on this SQL call?

Hutchinson, Andrew Andrew.Hutchinson at ...3639...
Fri Apr 11 06:37:13 EDT 2003

I'm not certain exactly what your question is, but here are a couple

in your INSERT statements below, you're trying to insert a value into an
auto-increment field.

Here is a description (in postgresql) of the sig_class table:

# ==========

snort191=# \d sig_class
                                    Table "public.sig_class"
     Column     |  Type   |                              Modifiers

 sig_class_id   | integer | not null default
 sig_class_name | text    | not null
Indexes: sig_class_pkey primary key btree (sig_class_id),
         sig_class_name_idx btree (sig_class_name)

# ==========

The modifier on the sig_class_id field is "not null default
nextval('public.sig_class_sig_class_id_seq'::text)", meaning that it's
going to pull it's next value from the sig_class_class_id_seq sequence
(PostgreSQL uses something it refers to as sequences for implementing
"auto-increment" fields).

It could be that you're trying to insert a value that's a duplicate into
a sig_class_id (which is a primary key, so no dupes allowed).  What you
should do instead is insert like this:

INSERT INTO sig_class (sig_class_name) VALUES ('misc-activity');

and then query the table to get the sig_class_id for that

Hope this helps,


Andrew Hutchinson - Network Security
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
(615) 936-2856

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> Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2003 8:51 PM
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> Subject: [Snort-users] What have I screwed up on this SQL call?
> Hi there
> I'm trying to update logsnorter to handle snort 1.9 and I 
> just can't figure
> out why the likes of ACID  won't display the signature description.
> e.g.
> INSERT INTO sig_class VALUES (1,'misc-activity');
> INSERT INTO signature VALUES (1,'ciscoacl-110/0->0',1,3,1,NULL);
> All the acid_cache calls have got me totally lost as to what 
> it's looking
> for, but under ACID, the logsnorter results are showing up 
> with their sig_id
> as their name (i.e. "1") instead of the "ciscoacl-110/0->0" 
> type entries.
> I can't be bothered doing any of the reference table hooks - 
> as there isn't
> much point yet - but I'm wondering if that's the problem?
> Any ideas - please? :-)
> -- 
> Cheers
> Jason Haar
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