[Snort-users] OT: Help with Barnyard

Gordon Cunningham gcunnin2 at ...163...
Thu Apr 10 10:23:07 EDT 2003

Many thanks, Ralf.  I actually used RPMs to install MySQL...  later version
than comes with RH7.3.  Thanks, will check your site tomorrow.

- Gordon

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Am Don, 2003-04-10 um 18.15 schrieb Gordon Cunningham:
> Ralf,
> I need to pass a --with-mysql-libraries=DIR to the configure and have been
> unable to do so using the rpmbuild util.  Without it I get:
> checking for mysql_connect in -lmysqlclient... no
Ok. So you compiled MySQL yourself.

> **********************************************
>   ERROR: unable to find mysqlclient library
>   checked in the following places
>         /usr/lib/mysql
> **********************************************
> How difficult would it be to make the RH7.3 RPM?  Does everyone go through
> this with Barnyard, or is there something "special" with my installation?
I will upload a barnyard RPM compiled for 7.3 and 9 tomorrow.


Ralf Spenneberg

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