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Have tried many different versions and all possible combinations.  Have
rebuilt all packages from scratch over 100 times plus.  Right now with the
latest php and still getting the same problems.  Just rebuilt everything a
few minutes ago and got an alert and then ran a query and specified anything
before Feb 2 2003 and it still shows the alert from today in the query.
Very pestering issue

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What version of php are you using?  I had on older version of php and was
getting weird results similar to what you are getting.  I installed the
newest version of php and everything works as expected.


Slighter, Tim wrote:

Hopefully Roman is observing this thread. 

Using Redhat 7.3, Snort-2 RC4, Acid 0.9.6b23, and MySQL 4.0.12-0 (Have also
used 3.23) 

and here is the scoop. 

When using the ACID web front-end and running a query...say for example,
time/date = April 09 2003.  One would expect that this would return results
of April 09 2003 only.  However, when this is done, everything shows up in
the window from all dates.  Here is something else to add to the weirdness,
I can run manual MySQL queries and get timestamp returns of ONLY the
specified date.  So I run a select * from snort where timestamp="*" and this
works correctly and returns the correct results.  Is there something strange
in  one of the php scripts in the ACID directory that is causing these

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