[Snort-users] ACID issue

Michael Anderson mca at ...1717...
Thu Apr 10 08:26:03 EDT 2003

What version of php are you using?  I had on older version of php and 
was getting weird results similar to what you are getting.  I installed 
the newest version of php and everything works as expected.


Slighter, Tim wrote:

> Hopefully Roman is observing this thread.
> Using Redhat 7.3, Snort-2 RC4, Acid 0.9.6b23, and MySQL 4.0.12-0 (Have 
> also used 3.23)
> and here is the scoop.
> When using the ACID web front-end and running a query...say for 
> example, time/date = April 09 2003.  One would expect that this would 
> return results of April 09 2003 only.  However, when this is done, 
> everything shows up in the window from all dates.  Here is something 
> else to add to the weirdness, I can run manual MySQL queries and get 
> timestamp returns of ONLY the specified date.  So I run a select * 
> from snort where timestamp="*" and this works correctly and returns 
> the correct results.  Is there something strange in  one of the php 
> scripts in the ACID directory that is causing these problems? 

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