[Snort-users] Problems with Snort 2.0rc4

Anderson Johnston andy at ...2878...
Wed Apr 9 15:27:03 EDT 2003

Before I bother the developers with my whining, I wanted to make sure
that I'm not missing something:

1.) I can't turn the logging option off.  Neither the -N argument in the
command line nor the "config nolog" in the configuration file seem to stop
directories named after IPs from being created in the logging directory.
All I want is the alert file.

Specifically, I want
	output alert_fast:  /usr/home/analyst/alert/alert


2.) If I don't specify a logging directory in the command line (-l
option), snort tries to use the default logging directory (which doesn't
exist) even though I've specified no logging.


I'm planning to look at unified logging next, but I want to get this stuff
sorted out for backward compatibility with my existing system.

					- Andy Johnston
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