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Wed Apr 9 13:00:03 EDT 2003

> Tom,
> Backup your registry...
> Start the registry editor (Regedit.exe)
> Move to
> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interf
> aces
> Select the required interface
> Note: Each interface has two entries. One only has about 6 subentries.
> Make
> the modification to the other entry that has about 20 subentries.
> From the Edit menu select New - DWORD value
> Enter a name of IPAutoconfigurationEnabled and press Enter
Hi Michael,

Forgive me but I don’t se the point of doing this through the registry.
All you have to do is unbind the NIC from any protocols and/or services &
that can be done without having to deal w/ the registry. All you have to
do is open the Network Connections window, select the connection you wish
to make the “listener” open its properties and de-select all of the
protocols/services/clients. What you are left with is a fully functional
listening device. Then just make sure that the –iX parameter is filled w/
the right card.
Or am I missing something here?


> Double click 'IPAutoconfigurationEnabled' and set the value data to 0.
> Click
> OK
> Double click 'EnableDHCP' and set the value data to 0
> Note: Id TCP/IP the IP and Subnet will show
> Close the registry editor, reboot and do an "ipconfig /all" from a command
> prompt and the IP should be
> -Michael
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