[Snort-users] Firewalls on IDS

Miller, Eoin Miller at ...6968...
Wed Apr 9 11:42:05 EDT 2003

from what i can remember you can just use IPSec Policies to do packet filtering with windows 2000, i used this once so that peoples laptops who were running the lightweight frontpage webserver wouldnt get any www worms infecting them.


hope this helps


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> Subject: [Snort-users] Firewalls on IDS
> I am currently running 2 NICS in my IDS machine, one for 
> sniffing, one 
> for access.  I need to know if there is any way to install a local 
> firewall on the machine.  I have removed stealthed the port 
> and have a 
> recive only cable on the sniffer NIC.  The other nic is running 
> normally, but needs some restriction to be safe.  I am running all of 
> this on a windows 2k machine.
> -tom
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