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Eric Baur Eric.Baur at ...8629...
Tue Apr 8 16:52:06 EDT 2003

    Some of the other replies seem like too much work... and are harder to
maintain (or someone else to figure out if they need to figure out what you
    You should be able to change the ifcfg-eth1 file (or whatever number you
want to be ip-less) to be:
    That seems to be working in my installation (also RH8.0) without any
issues.  (Now, my next mystery is seeing if I can find a way to refer to the
devices as "lan", "wan" and "dmz" instead of "eth1", "eth2" and "eth3".)
d_greenjr wrote:

Can someone tell me or give me the URL on how to create an interface with no
ipaddr (stealth), on a linux [RH8] system? (Not the receive only cable-I saw
that in the snort FAQs)  I have searched the Internet and the snort archives
but have not found a message/page that describes what to do-only the end
results.  Thanks

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