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Tue Apr 8 09:52:06 EDT 2003

Sorry, but it looks like I'm going in circles....if $EXTERNAL_NET is set 
to any, then even if my nessus box is on the same segment as specified 
in $HOME_NET it should generate tons of alerts and rules should be 
triggered. (Hope I'm not being too dummy here and I got it right, if not 
I' ready for another 20 wet noodles lashes...) Please confir/deny that 
this is a correct statement.
But what happens is the following:
If segment that hosts nessus is removed from $HOME_NET and nessus scan 
is initiated on that segment (only vulns, no port scans), then snort 
shows only a few alerts (and only the unix-related)
If segment  that hosts nessus is moved back $HOME_NET and nessus scan is 
initiated on that segment (only vulns, no port scans), then snort shows 
a lot of alerts (and only the unix-related)
I'm puzzled a bit cause when snort reports attacks from the internet it 
reports it as it should be....unix-related, windows-related

P.S. I do realize that it is hard to give a defenite answer without 
knowing exactly how it is set up here, even if I did my best to provide 
the info there could always be something else that bugs the system...

Erek Adams wrote:

>On Mon, 7 Apr 2003, Keg wrote:
>>1. I get it., but on the other hand my EXTERNAL_NET is set to ANY.
>>Should that  treat nessus box as external_net?
>It should.
>If you run Snort in sniffer mode, can you see traffic destined for the
>Win32 box?
>    snort -vd
>>2. Should I always use EXTERNAL_NET as !$HOME_NET?
>That's up to you.  I do it to cut down on false positives.  Try it both
>ways and see what works better for you.
>Erek Adams
>   "When things get weird, the weird turn pro."   H.S. Thompson
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