[Snort-users] OT: Help with Barnyard

Gordon Cunningham gcunnin2 at ...163...
Tue Apr 8 07:46:09 EDT 2003

I’ve got snort 1.9.1 installed along with MySQL, ACID, etc. which was
working just fine.  Now I’d like to experiment with barnyard to unload the
process of database insertion from the snort sniffing task and make the
WAN-connected remote sniffers more robust – hence barnyard.

However, I’m having a heck of a time configuring barnyard!  I get around one
issue only to stumble onto another.  I’m running barnyard 0.1.0 on the same
machine as snort for testing, and snort is writing unified log/alert files,
but I can’t seem to get barnyard to process them without an error.  Lately
it’s “Unknown output plugin "alert_acid_db" referenced” or similar.  What am
I missing?

Are there any good (great?) FAQ’s on barnyard and Snort?  I can’t seem to
find the pieces I’m missing.

- Gordon

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