[Snort-users] snort plugins / add-ons

Ronan Horgan ronanhorgan at ...8436...
Sun Apr 6 06:01:14 EDT 2003

Hi eveyone,
I am currently doing a project for my final year degree course. I have
choosen snort as my project, i have spent since last february, getting
it up and running in windows 2000 using acid and mysql and it is not
logging and everything is working ok after a few initial problems. 
I need to do more according to the project rules, i am doing ok but need
to write some code (in any language, c++, java if possible). I was
thinking of writing a plugin or add-on of some sort. Does anyone have
any ideas how to write a plugin or if there are any possible add-ons i
could do?,  or what languages can be used etc? i also need to integrate
these with my current snort version, 1.9
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