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fjy diamondfan at ...8790...
Sun Apr 6 04:42:02 EDT 2003

   Redhat 8.0/ Net-snmp 5.0.1/ Snort 1.9.0 and net-snmp was installed during installing RH.
   I tried to install snort from snort-snmp-1.9.1-1snort.i386.rpm first and got the message:
error: Failed dependencies:
        libsnmp.so.0 is needed by snort-snmp-1.9.1-1snort
   Then I tried to install from the source and run configure --with-snmp and got error:
ERROR: unable to find snmp headers (snmp_parse_args.h in net-snmp-5.0.x)
  checked in the following places
   How to?

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