[Snort-users] idscenter

Ueli Kistler iuk at ...1171...
Fri Apr 4 02:02:17 EST 2003


- click on "IDS Rules"
- Go to Rules/Signatures panel
- Search the list if you find classification.config
  - If you found it, select it, edit and assign the full path (type * 
and press enter to see files with .config, RC3 will have this "bug" fixed)
  - If you didn't find it, add the classification.config file to the 
list (full path)
- Now select "classification.config" you just added/modified and click 
on "Select" in the Classification group (bottom)

Note: IDScenter cannot guess what the filename of your classification 
specification is... and because Snort requires this file as one of the 
first in the ruleset and
there is an editor for the classification specifications file, this was 
introduced (The editor is opened by clicking on "Edit" in the 
classification groupbox).

AND: Read the manual for this kind of stuff... it's included with the 
official installer (manual.zip).

    Ueli Kistler
    iuk at ...1171...
P.S. Packx.net is currently down... downloads still available. There 
will be a new site when IDScenter 1.1 RC3 will be released.

Troy Evers wrote:

> Hi guys, I get a cant open classification.conf error on trying to open 
> snort... any ideas??
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