[Snort-users] Log everything for billing purposes

Matt Yackley Matt.Yackley at ...5858...
Thu Apr 3 17:49:14 EST 2003

Something like iptraf[0] or Ntop [1] may be a better fit for logging usage
per host.  Iptraf is console based and easy to get running, Ntop takes a bit
more work to get it running, but can provide some nice, pretty reports. 



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From: Ross Davis - DataAnywhere
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Subject: [Snort-users] Log everything for billing purposes

Is it possible to log all packets that go through my firewall?  I have
different customers behind my firewall that I would like to bill based
on their IP address for the traffic.  

If snort is not a good way to log the traffic, does anyone know of a
good (and inexpensive) traffic accounting program?


Ross Davis

(Yes I am a newbie to Snort, but I like what I see;-)

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