[Snort-users] Is Oracle supported on Win2k?

Jalil Feghhi jalil.feghhi at ...8768...
Thu Apr 3 14:11:11 EST 2003

I tried to use Oracle on Win2k but I get a message to the effect that
Oracle is not supported. Is it not supported or do I need to install
some other component for it to work?
Also, I tried to use ODBC to connect to my Oracle database and I get
this message: 
database: compiled support for ( mysql odbc mssql )
database: configured to use odbc
database:          user = jalil
database: password is set
database: database name = alcatraz
database:   sensor name =
database: ODBC unable to connect
Fatal Error, Quitting..
I am configuring it based on the doc and am not sure what else I need to
do. Do I need to set up a DSN?
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