[Snort-users] Gnutella

Bob Dehnhardt bob.dehnhardt at ...7168...
Thu Apr 3 11:21:02 EST 2003

I ended up turning off the Gnutella GET signature. It's simply looking for a
GET command on a port other than 80, which is far to general for me. I was
getting multiple alerts for web sites using Flash or Shockwave, as well as
from some internet radio sites. All false positives, but weeding through
them took time away from looking at more serious alerts.

I have no idea how to refine the signature, but as it stands, it's pretty
much useless.

 - Bob

Bob Dehnhardt
Network & Information Security Manager
(775) 327-6407

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I have a P2P Gnutella GET alarm generated for some requests from mail 
servers to 11 addresses, to which it connects on port 25. It looks like 
a legit traffic. Can anybody clarify what it as to with Gnutella?
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