[Snort-users] You caught them, what next?

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Thu Apr 3 11:12:40 EST 2003

But I think the point being made was, that's not what they wanted to
hear.  Whether UTC or Central time, once you know what time zone the
logs are in, you can adjust accordingly.  I believe he said they wanted
that information in the logs themselves.  Presumably, so the
investigator could look only at the logs and determine what time these
things happened.  Telling them the time zone used requires a separate
piece of communication.

Mostly, some people are just jerks and won't even look at an issue until
you've re-invented the wheel to their satisfaction...

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On Thu, 3 Apr 2003, L. Christopher Luther wrote:

> The issue, for me at least, it not *which* TZ Snort or my web server
> their data but whether the logs show the TZ information.  I've not
looked at
> Snort's '-U' parameter, but unless the output includes 'TZ=xxx'
> it's a moot point.

Actually, Jason is right on the money with this.  UTC is UTC.  It's not
hard to say "Well, it happened at 12:00 UTC.  So since I'm in EST that
means that it's UTC - 0500 = 7:00 EST."  Now if the abuse people there
can't understand that, then you should call their manager and ask for
their job since they are incompetent.

Erek Adams

   "When things get weird, the weird turn pro."   H.S. Thompson

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