[Snort-users] IDS Placement ideas for inside and outside a firewall.

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Ok, that takes care of one question.  But how do I get traffic before it hits the firewall.


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Traffic doesn't have to go through the IDS, just pass by it, as you want the IDS to sniff the traffic coming to and going from the firewall interface.


Place the IDS on one of your switch ports, set it to span the firewall port.



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	Hi everyone.  I am trying to convince my company to implement IDS on our network but I have a few questions.  I know I would want one on both sides of the firewall, but on a switched network, how would I force traffic to go through Snort before it reached its destination?  Also, the way its set up now, the Cisco 1751 router goes right into the Cisco PIX 501 firewall and from there into a switch.  How would I place an IDS between the firewall and switch?


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