[Snort-users] You caught them, what next?

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With IIS, 4.x at least, all log date/time is written in GMT standard w/ no
reference to TZ, and from my playing with older versions of Apache and
iPlanet, they too seem to lack TZ information.  
With Snort one could probably create a small patch to query the underlying
O/S for the TZ and write it as a part of the output to the alert facility,
at least syslog and the fast/full logs files.  
Just my $0.02... 

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How would one go about logging the TZ info.  I too was wondering about that.


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To add to your "I often email the isp's ...' thought, early last week one of
my web servers sustained a 1.5 hour "attack" from some script kiddie on the
Road Runner cable network.  I e-mailed RR's abuse/security folks but was
told "Your logs must contain the following information in order for Road
Runner to process them, included within the email...":

  Date of Incident 
  Time of Incident 
  Time Zone that logs are captured in 
  Source IP Address or Host Name 
  Destination IP Address or Host Name 
  Destination Port 

I gave them *everything* in the logs but the TZ information because,
unfortunately, neither Snort nor my web server capture the TZ information in
their logs.  I did give them the TZ information in the e-mail I sent.  

And what did I get back?  The same message again.  This exchange went
bacn-n-forth a couple of time, and each time I received the exact canned

Basically it appears that RR is not willing to do anything to their paying
customers unless *all* the requested is included in the logs.  So I've given
up on attempting to get the ISP to do anything, well at least RR.  


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Good morning to you all! 
I hope that this isn't getting too far off topic, but since we all have this
wonderful IDS in place, I'm sure you too are finding lots of people doing
things they shouldn't. Which brings me to my question, what now?

Other than blocking them at the router, what action should be taken? I often
email the isp's technical contact telling them what I found and for them to
put an end to it. But is this useful? I've never gotten an email back, and
I've sent plenty, which leads me to believe that no action has been taken,
it went to the wrong person, or my email (which are pretty curt, see
example) has offended the RP and was discarded. What are you all doing about
your alerts?

[example email.] 

To Whom It May Concern: 
One of your customers, (host18.fastdial.net), made 69 attempts
to fingerprint my network via NMAP on 2003-04-02 03:43:39 Pacific. Please
see to it that this stops immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.

[/example email...] 

Thanks in advance! 

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