[Snort-users] help with regular expressions

Julio E. Gonzalez P. jegp at ...8756...
Wed Apr 2 08:03:31 EST 2003

Hi all!
I just install snort-2.0.0rc2 and want snort to NOT report any alert 
from hosts a.a.a.a and host b.b.b.b of destiny c.c.c.c port dddd.

Is this correct?:
/usr/local/bin/snort -D -i eth1 -A fast -N -c 
/usr/local/snort/rules/snort.conf not \( \(src host a.a.a.a or src host 
b.b.b.b\) and dst host c.c.c.c and dst port dddd\)

It seems OK, is working now. Just want to verify with you, and want to 
know if is possible to put that expression
in the file snort.conf, and how?


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