[Snort-users] ACID inconsistencies?

Keg snrtlst at ...2792...
Wed Apr 2 06:48:08 EST 2003

I hope it is not a dummy usage question, but it looks like some strange 
 From the main ACID window when I click on 'Unique alerts - 4' I really 
see unique four alerts. Then, I click on the UDP traffic link (in the 
Traffic Profile by protocol window on the main page) and I see (let's 
say 1 UDP alert). Then I follow Home link to go to the main page and 
click on 'Unique alerts - 4' link, BUT now only one alert (the one I saw 
i UDP window) is displayed. The same thing happens in Explorer 6 and 
Netscape 7.
Any ideas?
RH7.3, snort 1.9.1, mysql-server-3.23.49-3, ACID v0.9.6b23, (schema 
version: 106)

P.S. The same scenario happens when I go to TCP traffic instead of UDP, 
after that only TCP-specific alerts are displayed in Unique alerts window.

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