[Snort-users] webmin

Keg snrtlst at ...2792...
Wed Apr 2 06:36:21 EST 2003

Thanks, it worked with minor correction, for some reason webmin doesn't 
like any path in configuration screen, but for some reson when you 
specifi there / instead of the full path it works.

Matt Yackley wrote:

>I believe the explanation I read was that webmin does not like the
>$RULE_PATH variable, so you would need to comment out that variable, then
>remove the variable from each include line for the rules and insert the
>actual path.
>i.e., include /etc/snort/attack-responses.rules
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>Subject: [Snort-users] webmin
>I've configured webmin to have a snort monule (the latest one)....just 
>wanted to see what it can do 'snortwise'....Everything looks pretty 
>normal besides when I click on the rule file to view/edit it it gives me 
>"Rule file cannot be found (/etc/snort/$RULE_PATH/attack-responses.rules)"
>Rule_PATH is set to /etc/snort....
>Any ideas would be appreciated, thank you.

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