[Snort-users] IPv6 and snort v2rc2

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Wed Apr 2 05:54:33 EST 2003

Oh, too bad.  Thanks for the reply, Chris.


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"Ted Llewellyn" <Ted.Llewellyn at ...8748...> writes:

>   So what ever happened to the IPv6 support?

It only was a snort -dev type patch, not a patch that added it to the
detection engine and the like.

> Is that only in betas that are not being released now?  On a linux
> box I do a "ping6 ::1".  In another session "tcpdump -i lo" shows me
> a nice IPv6 ping-pong session, while "snort -vi lo" is completely
> blank.  Am I missing something or is snort missing something?

Snort doesn't have IPv6 support.
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