[Snort-users] var HOME_NET question

SRH-Lists giermo at ...8381...
Tue Apr 1 13:01:46 EST 2003

ok, we cleared up the problem here.  The text in snort.conf is a bit

# You must change the following variables to reflect
# your local network. The variable is currently
# setup for an RFC 1918 address space.

> > I'm curious as to why the var HOME_NET will 
> > only allow rfc1918 addresses? why is this? 
> This is not the case, what makes you think that it is?
> Do you get some sort of error message?
> What are you trying to set it too?  (Feel free to obfuscate the
> addresses)
> My HOME_NET is set to real non-rfc1918 addresses, with no problem.

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