[Snort-users] Question regarding Openbsd 3.3 Bridge

diwelf diwelf at ...158...
Tue Apr 1 05:01:11 EST 2003

for a reference, please check


Hello, i'm trying to setup snort infront of my openbsd pf firewall. I 
have a p166, with two nics in it, using bridge0, the bridge is working 
fine, i can see the packets being passed with pf through it, etc. My 
next question/endevour is to setup snort so it will log to a remote 
database. is this possible with a configuration like this? meaning, can 
i send snort packets from an ipless box, to another box on the internal 
network? (in this case,, the internal DNS on the network.gif). 
If i'm doing this all wrong, please somebody let me know :) any other 
suggesstions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time.


ps: i've also searched and searched the mailing lists and google, but i 
found nothing relevant to what i'm trying to setup.. so i figured i'd 
ask all you guys.

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