[Snort-users] Newbie question on signatures

Bryan Brown BBrown at ...7029...
Mon Sep 30 14:42:03 EDT 2002

Hello everyone,

	Please forgive the newbie question.

	I've been lurking here for three weeks ever since I got snort 1.8.7 configured and running on my system.  I believe that I have finally gotten snort running the way I want it to but I'm confused about the rules files.  Specifically, are the rules files on www.snort.org ever updated.  This morning I downloaded the one from the web page and did a diff against the rules I originally grabbed.  The only differences reported were the ones I added to my own local.rules file.  

	Is there a source of updated rules for use with snort anywhere?  I looked through the archives and didn't see any mention of this.  

Thank you
Bryan Brown

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