[Snort-users] What can I use in place of Swatch?

Vieth, Scott svieth at ...6966...
Mon Sep 30 10:59:02 EDT 2002


I've got swatch watching my 'alert' file but I've stumbled onto the annoying
throttle bug that was reported nearly a year ago.  There doesn't seem to be
a newer, patched version of swatch around so I think I need to try something
else.  What is everyone using to watch their log files and send out email
alerts?  (My swatch is 3.0.4).

I am looking for a program that can 'tail' alert and send messages.
Throttling is a MUST.


-Scott Vieth
Medical College of Wisconsin
voice: (414) 456-8834
pager: (888) 739-9702

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