[Snort-users] CVS and Updating ACID source or Snort Rules

Stephen Shepherd StephenShepherd at ...3353...
Sat Sep 28 09:47:10 EDT 2002

I have been using WinCVS to pull down the latest CVS builds for ACID.  This helps when it comes time to figure out what files have been updated and batching the retrieval of those files, but now I would like it to do more.  Here is my question:
Is there a way to get WinCVS to compare my install of ACID with the latest CVS and merge the files?  Like any other installation I have modified many ACID files to fit my environment.  It is somewhat cumbersome to move those changes to new files each time the file is updated in CVS.  
I have looked through the CVS documentation and I cannot come up with anything.  The only thing I can think is that I may need to install my own CVS server??
I have the same situation with Snort Rules.   I have tweaked various rules, commented some out, etc... and I would like to be able to merge those with new rules from CVS..
Any help would be great...
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