[Snort-users] PHP Build incomplete: --with-mysql

Steven Horne stevenh at ...6988...
Sat Sep 28 09:47:04 EDT 2002

Well I finally fixed mine yesterday .... I would like to put this solution
on the forum somewhere so we can save some people some time :

Problem: Installed : apache, mysql , php, gd , phplot , adodb ...  it came
up with the PHP build incomplete error.

I tried countless rebuilds of PHP with the correct options and it would
still come up with this errror.


Remove all PHP' RPMS installed on your box (using Kpackage or GNO RPM).
Delete all php, php4 directories from the usr/local/lib and usr/local
directories (if any) ...  then remove all apache RPM's and directories ...

Then start fresh ... install the components :apache, mysql , php, gd ,
phplot , adodb.

it worked ..

it must of been the old versions left over on my machine conficting and not
getting over written..

P.S good instructions are at http://www.bsbnet.com/snort/ even though they
are in portuguise .. u can kind of understand them

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Finally someone has the same problem that I had! And I thought *I* must
be doing something wrong! You might want to refer to the archives
starting from 7 days ago. Look for my message on "PHP build incomplete
error on ACID" and the responses to that message. Also, if you have not
already done so, you might want to install the latest rpm of "php-mysql"
for your version of Redhat. I cannot promise that it will work; though
my problem eventually got resolved, I am not quite sure how it did! I
would be happy to share the contents of my php.ini file (I suspect the
problem, if any, lies in there), if you require it. Apart from this, you
might also want to try and restart your Redhat box, if possible.
Finally, when I could not get ACID to work with MySQL, I installed
Postgresql and had Snort log alerts on to the Postgresql database. ACID
worked relatively painlessly with this database. So that might also be
another option for you.


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Subject: [Snort-users] PHP Build incomplete: --with-mysql

Guys.. I am going crazy..

Has any got this error before??? I am running a Red hat 7.3 system, PHP
Adodb, phplot, apache ... I have compiled everything with all the
options in
the install document... and it dosnt work.

PHP ERROR: PHP build incomplete: the prerequisite MySQL support required
read the alert database was not built into PHP. Please recompile PHP
the necessary library (--with-mysql)



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