AW: [Snort-users] 3 or 4 NICs in a sensor?

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Thu Sep 26 23:04:02 EDT 2002


I'm running a 6 NIC RH 7.2 box with 5 snort instances listening on 5 NICs
(3x 100Mb/s, 2x 10Mb/s, not highly saturated). Works like a charm (ok,
traffic has been rising over the month and snort reports some packet drops
on 2 interfaces with values about 0.0xx%). Tuning should help to get back to

You might take a look on my HOWTO at where I
described such a configuration.

> Hello,
> I'm using Snort 1.8.7 on RHLinux7.0 on a Compaq DL360. 
> Currently it has 2
> NICs (1 for management, one for the sniffer). My current sensor is not
> exposed to heavy traffic and I was considering adding more 
> NICs to the box
> so I can have it monitoring other segments at the same time, 
> rather than
> build more sensors. Is anyone out there running Snort on a 
> box with say, 4
> NICs, where 3 of the NICs are each running their own Snort instance,
> monitoring different network segments? If traffic is light 
> enough on each
> segment, it seems better not to waste extra hardware and 
> build separate
> sensors. 
> I wanted to get an idea if others are doing this, is it wise 
> to do it, will
> it work etc?
> Thanks!
> Paul
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