[Snort-users] linux version?

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Thu Sep 26 11:38:07 EDT 2002

2002-09-26-12:13:07 Nick Elliott:
> [...] Problem is I am a linux virgin and am filled with
> trepidayshun.. I am about to get RH 7.3 and have a go. Any advice
> as to whether this version /flavour is best?

Myself, I like Red Hat the best, and am happily using 7.3 everywhere
these days. I am very fond of RPM, and think it has advantages over
alternatives for the applications to which I like to put a package
manager. NB: Others will disagree with this view --- if you're one
of 'em, please followup __off__ this list, as it's positively
off-topic for snort-users!

Other folks like other distributions better. There are lots of other
RPM-based distributions, like Mandrake and Suse; there's Debian,
based on dpkg; and there's Slackware.

Each has its followers, who are keen on their favourite distrib and
distinctly less fond of the others.

My recommendation to you is to try and find some folks you'd turn to
for assistence, and find out what they like best. And in that
course, don't feel limited to Linux; from the point of view of a
non-Unix-user, the differences between the Linux distributions and
FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD, are all very small. So if you've got a
*BSD loving friend, go with what they like.

If you're completely by yourself and alone, with nothing but
resources you can find over the net, you could do worse than
starting with Red Hat 7.3; do a simple install of type "server",
with a minimal package load, only enabling the "network" group, and
the firewall config set for maximum security. Then you can add
additional packages and enable additional services as you need,
starting from a nicely simple and secure base.

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