[Snort-users] Seg fault with 1.8.7 and MySQL

Richard Ellerbrock richarde at ...6992...
Thu Sep 26 08:30:04 EDT 2002

Been testing snort on a LOT of various boxes and may have come across a
problem with 1.8.7. My setup is plenty of sensors all over the place
(remote WAN) connecting to a central, large, fast database. All systems
are various version of Redhat Linux. All works great when a second
passive ethernet interface is used for snort. For some tests, I run
snort on the same interface that is connected to the IP network. In this
setup, snort seg faults after about a minute. I have tested using the
supplied binaries and built my own - always segfaults. Is this
interesting to anybody and should I supply a trace?


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