[Snort-users] Is anyone using 'react' to block the use of Gnu tella?

Vieth, Scott svieth at ...6966...
Wed Sep 25 08:25:06 EDT 2002

Thanks for the tip.  I'll look inside the packets before I go any further to
make sure it's really P2P traffic.  However, one of the Snort signatures
that is firing is looking for "GNUTELLA CONNECT" in the traffic.  That's a
pretty clear sign that someone is running a P2P application....


-Scott :^)

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Hi Scott
Perhaps this doesn't apply, but have you checked the actual packet content
to be sure that the triggering traffic is really Gnutella?  I was seeing
alot of these alerts also, but upon looking at the packets it turned out
that one of our users was connecting to some web-based external mail server
which was triggering alerts.
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Subject: [Snort-users] Is anyone using 'react' to block the use of Gnutella?

> Hi:
> Snort is telling me that we have folks using Gnutella to send/receive
> from other Gnutella users on the Internet.  I've blocked all the 'easy'
> ports on the firewall to stop P2P file sharing.  But the P2P protocols are
> still getting through. I think they are getting more "firewall-smart".
> Since Snort can 'see' the folks who are running Gnutella, could I use
> 'react' to block/disrupt/close those connections?
> Just wondering....
> Thanks,
> -Scott Vieth
> Medical College of Wisconsin
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